With South-East Queensland confirmed as the preferred candidate for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games - what does this mean for Queensland? If we secure the 2032 Games, we will have more than half the world's eyeballs fixated on Brisbane and Queensland, and so it's important that we help frame our region's identity to the rest of the world.

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The Australian Government is being urged to call for a United Nations' investigation into serious and systematic human rights breaches by the Chinese Government. 

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There is one form of infrastructure that would transform the Sunshine Coast like none other. Better rail. Watch on to hear Ted update parliament on his critical infrastructure project. 

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The rate of suicide in Australia is over double the national death toll on our roads.

This is of grave concern to us all.

According to the latest ABS data there were 3,318 deaths by intentional self harm in 2019.

This is 3,318 deaths too many and equates to nine deaths every single day.

I recently spoke about this incredibly difficult and sensitive issue in Parliament, making specific mention to Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN and the launch of 'The Way Back' program.

If you need support head to: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/

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The China Question - Ted explains his take on the current Australia-China relationship. You can read Ted's opinion piece in the latest edition of Quadrant Magazine HERE.

Today I paid tribute to a wonderful man and community member in my electorate - Mr Ian Perkin.

As the Prime Minister's representative for Queensland's candidature for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, I am happy to report that our pursuit is progressing - and progressing well. As such, it is timely that we reflect on why hosting the games in 2032 is in our National Interest. The 2032 games do not represent two weeks of a sporting spectacular as much as it represents two decades of legacy. A legacy in the lead up to the games, and a legacy after the games.

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We know this crisis is not just a health one, it's also an economic one, and I think we should acknowledge that credit-rating agency Fitch has this morning reaffirmed Australia's AAA credit rating. There will, however, be bumps in the road ahead. We know that, and we all have a role to play to ensure that we are supporting businesses and individuals.

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Ted explains the plan for the first stages of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Ted urges his political counterparts, business leaders and the community to join him to fight for better rail services for Nambour.

Ted calls on all political parties, business leaders and the community to back his calls for rail duplication to Nambour.


I want to pay tribute today to school principals, who play an instrumental role in ensuring local resilience through this pandemic.

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Tackling the Feral Cat Pandemic - A Plan to Save Australia's Wildlife The Standing Committee on Environment and Energy, Chaired by Ted O'Brien MP, delivered its report into the problem of feral and domestic cats in Australia. Read the Committee's full report here - https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House/Environment_and_Energy/Feralanddomesticcats/Report

Congratulations to Angelique Hatchett - Sunshine Coast's Young Citizen of the Year.

New change rooms at the Maroochydore Rugby Union Club were officially opened today, marking a special milestone for sport on the Sunshine Coast. Member for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien MP was thrilled to see the new, dedicated changerooms opened. “We’ve seen the number of female players in this traditionally male-dominated sport boom since the Aussie ladies won gold at the 2016 Olympics,” said Mr O’Brien who is the Prime Minister’s representative for the Olympics and Paralympic Games.