#Hiddenlegends - Celebrating our Seniors

Our seniors have been doing it tough recently.

As we enter into this year’s Seniors Week, which runs from the 15th to the 23rd of August, let’s celebrate their lives and their contribution.  

I’m looking to uncover some of the rich stories and history of our seniors – past and present - but I need your help.

Let’s ask our younger generation to post an image of a senior citizen or maybe someone who’s passed away. But an image of a person with whom they feel a special connection.

Include a short description and the #hiddenlegends.

And remember to tag me on facebook at tedobrienmp or on Instagram at ted.obrien.mp on so I can share your post with a wider audience.

Whether it’s grandma, grandpa, nannie or granny, poppa or pa-pa they are all legends. Many of them have been hidden legends – and it’s time we celebrate them.

Keep an eye on my social pages as we showcase as many hidden legends as we can.