Australia's Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Bill 2020

I think what we all know is that we are amidst a period of unprecedented uncertainty for those of us living today. That was the case before COVID-19. COVID-19 hit, and all of the complexities of the international political economy were accentuated. And here we are today. There is a need for us to do what nations do with foreign policy—that is, have an outward expression of who we are as a nation, of what we believe in. And what we believe in is best defined by what unites us. What unites us is not ethnicity, not the colour of our skin, not our history, not our gender, not how we walk, not how we talk. The one thing that unites us in this country is a common set of values, and those values are liberal values: freedom, equality, rule of law et cetera—the very values that define the nation we are but also the world in which we wish to operate.