'I'm backing Ted O'Brien. Not just because he's a member of the LNP team, but because he is leading the charge to ensure all Queenslanders get the investment in the infrastructure and essential services they rely on - particularly on the Sunshine Coast.' - Scott Morrison, Prime Minister

There is a very clear choice this election - a choice between Bill Shorten's high taxes and the Morrison Government's investment in a strong economy.

What are local businesses and community groups saying about Ted?

Ted discusses the importance of recognising Veterans and supporting their families. 

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Labor's values are by virtue of their tax policies. We know that Labor's plans around franking credits, negative gearing tax, capital gains and family trusts. Labor's only solution with respect to the economy is tax—tax, tax, tax. It's the only policy Labor relies on.

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The Federal LNP Government has committed up to $241 million to majority fund Stage 1 of the Bruce Highway – Maroochydore Road Interchange Upgrade, including an additional $91.4 million in the 2019-20 Federal Budget.

The Federal Government has listened to the mortgage broker industry and will continue trailing commissions. 

Ted talks about the Federal LNP Government's announcement to continue mortgage broker trailing commissions.

In 2018, I held three Forums looking into different aspects of aged care on the Sunshine Coast - from the perspective of residents, families and aged care workers. The result is a submission to the Royal Commission on behalf of the electorate of Fairfax. A copy of the submission can be downloaded here.

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The Liberal National Government has awarded the Sunshine Coast’s only not-for-profit hospital - Buderim Private Hospital – with a Medicare subsidised MRI licence.

The Australian people have always known that the Labor Party is weak on national security and that the Labor Party is weak when it comes to managing the economy. However, it should be known that the Labor Party is also deeply, deeply divided

Ted secures $212,500 of funding per year for 4 years for Bloomhill Cancer Care 

'Australia has proved to be an extraordinarily successful liberal democracy, perhaps indeed the most successful in all of human history. That agenda is no better demonstrated, and strengthened, than by the dazzling array of game-changing free trade agreements negotiated and concluded by this Liberal-National government with the governments of Japan, China and Korea. Together with the TPP-11 they will open markets and opportunities right across the Pacific basin, from Singapore to Chile.'

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The reforms outlined in this bill will give older Australians more choice and greater flexibility in managing their finances, allow them to keep more of their pension when they work and allow retirees who own their home to receive more income. By leveraging these successful social security programs to better support the needs of retirees, this bill further delivers on the Liberal-National government's strong, ongoing commitment to older Australians and, thus, I commend the bill to the House.

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The whistleblower bill provides protections for those who suffer threats or actual reprisals consistent with the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. To be clear, protections are available where a threat or reprisal is taken against a person because the offender believes or suspects that that person or any other person may have made, proposes to make or could make a protected disclosure.

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