Faster rail to the Sunshine Coast

What form of infrastructure would transform the Sunshine Coast like none other?

Answer: Better rail and in particular - these two projects:

  1. Full duplication of the North Coast Rail Line, i.e. two tracks, all the way to Nambour.
  2. Fast rail from Brisbane through to Maroochydore.


Duplication of the North Coast Rail Line

While Ted has secured $390 million of Federal funding for rail upgrades between Beerburrum and Nambour, the State Government's current plan is to duplicate the line to Beerwah only. 

This needs to change.

The rail should be duplicated - i.e. two tracks - all the way to Nambour and it should be designed to accommodate fast rail in the future. 

Nothing would transform Nambour more than this one project, but it won't be easy. It'll take time, political will, a lot of work and more money and this is only possible with a big team effort. That's why Ted is putting together a 'unity ticket' with all three tiers of government, the business sector and community at large.


Fast Rail to from Brisbane to Maroochydore

Although the project's rationale has been validated for its ability to generate economic and social outcomes for the region - Infrastructure Australia's recent update revealed that the fast rail link to Maroochydore has not yet been given the green light - see HERE.

Infrastructure Australia have given us a couple of reasons for this:

  • The State Government has not yet supported the project
  • There is more work to be done on building the business case.

Ted will continue to engage all levels of government, local businesses, and the community at large to continue the momentum of this critical project.


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Fast rail for the Sunshine COast